Open joint bank account to make spouse a principal applicant - Showing finances?

Hi Anil

I am living in USA since 2009 and got married earlier this year.

Since my wife can get a better CRS score, I would like to make her the primary applicant. But, she came to USA just this year and does not have a bank account yet in USA.

In order to show the required finances what could be my best options? Shall I go for a joint bank account with her? She is the principal beneficiary of my 401k as well.

Yes @anshul.wankhede, opening a joint account and then making it a salary account is a good option.

A simpler solution would be to continue with your own account. Your Proof of Funds (PoF) needs to come from either of the spouses. Since you have already had a US account, simply show the funds you have in that. That way, the officer can see that you have had the account for a much longer period, thereby raising no suspicion.

From the CIC website: note that you can show PoF under your spouse’s account.


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Thanks @sandeep_m
Appreciate your detail reply.

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