Opportunities in Regional Area of Australia for code Software Tester 261314

Hi Anil ,

Please let know , apart fromMajor cities like Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane .

Please suggest the market which are good and can avail options from below for Job aspirations
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

Hi @Arun_S

I can only help with Immigration related questions. The job demand has to be found on job sites.

I don’t have any knowledge about job market.

Thanks Anil .

I have one question ,

Have appiled to 190 skill Visa , last updated date is around June this year .
Have selected state nomination as Victoria .

Now if i also add 491 to the same EOI , and select as available to regional areas .

Query - will my last updated date of 190 also change and there is no selection of regional areas , so how will the system recognise that 190 has Victoria and 491 as other regional areas. Since i might target Adelaide which is of SA for 491

So do i need to select State nomination as Southern Australia .
or Shall i submit a separate EOI

It is better to submit a new EOI.

cool .

I heard there is Freedom of Movement between any Regional Area of Australia .

That is even though i get sponsored for State or Territory of South Australia (Adelaide )
We can move to Gold Coast of QueensLand . Please let know is it true .

I don’t think so. I will have to double check but usually the state which sponsors you, adds the condition to stay in that state itself.