Options for telecommunication and network engineer

HI Anil,

I am telecommunication network engineer with 70 points, i have my first cousin staying in Melbourne. Please let me know how many points i can claim from him through 489.

Please suggest if i should wait for 189 or go with family sponsorship. My husband is working in pharma field and i could not use any points through him.

As the rules have tightened i am looking for options.

Please suggest

I don’t think first cousin is currently eligible to sponsor 489 visa.

189 is a better option.

Thank you so much for the prompt reply.

Hi Anil,

Can you suggest me as per my profile if I can try for visa 190 under 263111( computer network engineer) . My age is 39 now and will loose points by April 2020 as I will be under 40 age group.

I will get 70 points without state sponsership . if i include 5 points for state sponsership , my total points will be 75. Unfortunately my wife can not clear english exam to score extra 5 points .

What are the possible options to get invitation for 190 visa if apply EOI in November 2019. As I will loose points for age in April 2019, Can I try for visa 190 with 70 points . Please suggest.!

Ajay kumar


I don’t want to demotivate but there is no chance of invitation with 70 points keeping in mind the current trend.

I suggest to increase points to at-least 80 to have any realistic chance.

Thanks Anil for your valuable suggestion. Can I consider 75 direct points + 5 points for state sponsership if I go for visa 190.

I think , only chance I have is to increase 5 points from spouse english exam as I can score upto 70 points from experience, age, edutcation, PTE exam.



State points are not awarded until state invites you. So, count only 75.

There is no way of knowing if state will invite or not.

Thanks Anil for your swift response.

I have one small doubt, I did my master of science in Bio chemistry, but I have relevant experience of total 11.5 years as Network engineer . Can I file ACS with my educational and professional qualifications though I dont have computer subjects in my study.

Also I have been working in my current company for more than 5 years. I dont have first month pay slip , but I do have Form-16 for the year 2014. Can I submit the latest month pay slip notary for ACS evaluation . I tried to get first month pay slip , but from HR side Iam not getting data as it is very old. Can you please suggest !



You can choose ACS as your assessment agency only when it is listed as official assessment agency for your selected ANZSCO code. You cannot randomly choose ACS by your choice.

There is no need for payslips for ACS until ACS asks for it explicitly.

Thanks Anil, Should I sign on every notary document of all experience and educational qualifications.

Is it mandatory ? Please suggest…


The signing requirement varies by each assessment agency.

There is no harm in signing though.

Hi Ani,

It would be really helpful if you can suggest me on how to get RPL for ACS assessment as I studied Chemistry in degree and IT related work experience.(I dont have any computer related subjects in my education). As per ACS guidelines we need to submit RPL category while filing ACS if we have non IT education like chemistry / mechanical.

Where can I get help on RPL preparation for filing ACS?



I do not have any any RPL suggestions at this time. Sorry.

You can search online and should be able to find something.