Overstayed I94 Expiration

Hi ,

I am currently in H1B visa and noticed that my I94 has expired validity closely for a month now .
I came to know on research that , staying more than I-94 is unlawful offense.

On my research , I came to know that I can travel to the land boarder to get my I94 extended .
But the online says its 50-50 chance.I am also concerned that , Will the immigration official reject me by any chance?

Please suggest what would be the best option .

Am I in trouble as I have crossed 25 days more than the expiry date.

Any inputs will be appreciated.


If you dont want to visit CBP you can apply extension with NPT. Talk to your immigration lawyer and they should be able to help.

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Do not go to land boarder, first talk to lawyers. It can be managed with proper documentation and solid case by immigration team.
Talk to your lawyers, while this is a mistake and oversight issue. your immigration lawyer can help file for a change in status. It will take time but as soon as you filed it. your out-of-status days counter will stop. Make it quick as out of status for 7 days vs 30 days vs 90 days has diff implications on your future visa status. They can bar you from entering the USA for 6 months or year(s).

Again, this is based on my knowledge and I am no immigration expert. Please talk to immigration layer ASAP.