Parents name on my Passport is different from that on my Birth Certificate

We are preparing our documents for i-485 and I have seen that people have had issues if the parents names are spelt differently, Last Names have changed or some documents have full names or some have initials.

In my case, my father’s name has been spelt fully in my passport but in my birth certificate his first name and middle name are given by an initial.

Also, in my mother’s case, my birth certificate has my mother’s last name as her married last name and my birth certificate has her maiden name. Mother is no more.

What proof, documents or affidavits can I provide to support that they are the same people.

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In your case, your Dad can do an affidavit that he was married to your mom, who is no more (attach death certificate). Mention his full name along with your mom as in your passport. If they have their marriage certificate, with names that match your passport that would be a good supporting document.
He will need to add full names of all the children including birth dates and current age that he had together with your mom.
He will also need to mention that your birth certificate has initial of his first & middle name and your mom’s maiden name.
This should be all.

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