Parents on B1/B2 i539 denied

My parents were in US with their i94 expiring on 04 June 2020. We submitted online application i539 which was received on May 31 2020 as they were unable to get the return tickets to India due to covid.

They left US on 26 June 2020.

We did not receive any mail regarding the case but now that I check it says on the USCIs website that the case was denied on 27t July 2021. Looks like their biometric apt was scheduled on 11 September 2020 but since we did not get any mails, we could not respond to it. Also our parents had left by then.

Does this affect the validity of their visa? If they want to travel again, what should we be doing - filing new visa? Can they be denied entry to US despite having a valid visa due to this?

This should be a no issue at all as they left only 22 days after their I94 expired but had pending extension of status application.

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