Parents visa renewal complication

I have come to USA as a student in the year 2013 for my masters. Right now, I am a professional with H1B visa. My parents had applied for b2 visas in 2014 and had visited me a number of times afterwards. The length of their trips were always short, 1-2 months or so…well within the i-94 period.

However, in the year 2016, my uncle who is a US citizen had applied for i-130 (sibling green card) for my dad. Obviously, it is a long wait for that green card and there is really no way of knowing if my parents are ever going to get a green card that way.

Now, the problem is this: Earlier my parents had received 10 year multiple entry visa so the time to renew the visa is coming soon…My question is: Will there be a problem with my parents visa renewal because of the i-130 petition that has been applied for them ? What are my options in this case ? Should I ask my uncle to withdraw the i-130 petition ?

Please help me ! I would like my parents to visit me here occasionally for as long as they can.

If you tell the truth on the visa renewal application, I don’t see a reason for denial.

There is no harm in applying i130 along with B1/B2 as long as you can prove the intent is correct for both.

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Thank you very much for your response Anil. My parents have never overstayed their visa and they have visited USA 3 times already. They also have their own house in India. Should I include the house papers (xerox) and bank account statement along with the other documents (like ds-160 etc.) during the visa appointment just to be safe and also to prove that they will return back to India ?