Partner skill assessment ACS with freelance work

Hi, i am a software engineer/ team lead by profession. My partner is a software engineer too with around 8 to 9 yrs of experience. She worked from 2006 till 2015 (with a gap of around 1.5 yrs in between) and after that working as a freelancer randomly.

Can we go for her skill assessment and claim addition 5 pts (as from Nov 16, 2019 change rules) as she has no regular job in the past 24 months?

Hi @Nze

You can apply for ACS assessment for spouse and see if they issue a positive assessment.
That’s the only way of knowing. I suggest to give it a try.

@Anil.Gupta Thank you very much Anil for the prompt response and i really appreciate it.

What confuses me that i read somewhere spouse has to be working or atleast 12 month work during the past 24 months… Is it so?

Also, do i need to pay separate ACS fee for the spouse?

Thanks again.

Each ACS application is separate for each individual and separate fees needs to be paid.

I cannot comment on what you read online. Just submit all the work experience letters and ACS will decide if the experience is relevant or not.