Passport Delivery Tracking

Hello friends,
I applied for my 7 year old daughter’s passport renewal 15 days back. Status kept moving throughout and today I got an email notification from VFS that the passport was dispatched through Fedex return label, which I sent them with my original application for renewal.

I also received and email from passport.admin that police verification was initiated. Now is that email auto generated through a workflow step as I dont think passport verification will happen after the passport was dispatched. I didnt see Passport in print etc… statuses getting updated for my daughter’s application.

My second question is that there is a fedex tracking no. in VFS email which is different from the tracking no. on my return label. Which one should I use to track my delivery?

Check status using return label tracking number. I also received same email in Jan for my Son. You will get it in 1 or 2 days.

Hey thanks for replying. Is it hand delivered or dropped in the mail box ?

No hand delivery… Fedex will drop the packet to your front door. Just track status and check.

Thanks Prashant for getting back. My Package was scheduled to be delivered yesterday but shows scheduled delivery : Pending now , and I believe it is due to inclement weather at Fedex hub locations.
I am closely keeping track of it as you can very well understand how important those docs are :slight_smile:

Hi, after how many days was your fedex tracking available? VFS says my passport was dispatched 4 days ago. But the fedex return label I provided is still not showing any data.