Passport Name change while H4 extension is pending

Hi, Can you apply for a Indian passport Re-issue ( to change last name to include husband’s name) in USA while your H4 extension is still pending.

H4 extension was filed last month along with H1 extension.
want to change husband’s name as last name in Indian passport
Will applying for a passport re-issue during this time has any impact on the H4 approval?
or should you apply for name change only after the H4 approval.

I don’t see any issue with applying passport renewal except that all other documents may also need a change once name has been changed on passport.

Thanks Anil for your quick response. when you say other documents - do you mean SSN , Driver License etc., or any USCIS specific document ( like I-539 extension), I-94

  • Can I change the last name on SSN just with passport change as a proof ( once approved H4 extension & I-94 may still have the old last name) - if not what other document may be required to update the last name on SSN