Passport not available to submit for Confirmation of PR


I just received an email with title “Ready for Visa”. This is in reference to Confirmation of Permanent Residence application I had submitted last year. I was expecting to receive a PR through express entry by October 30, 2018, but finally I have received it today (October 02, 2019). As per the email, I have to update my application with any recent changes and submit my passport along with other documents within 30 days. I am of Indian origin, I hold an Indian passport, and I work in the USA.

Following few are my questions.

  • I am traveling to India in 5 days and will return after a month. I will need my passport to go back and forth between USA and India. By the time I return, 30 days time will be over. What options do I have to extend this 30 days deadline?

The email suggests writing an email if deadline cannot be met. Is it sufficient to do so, or should I also do something in addition to this to ensure my application doesn’t timeout.

  • I got married few months ago and my wife is still in India, waiting for her to join me in the USA in couple of months. What will be result of updating my marital status in my application. Will it take me out of the line or will it also add my wife to my application?

Thank you for taking time to read this and thank you in advance if you have suggestions.


Hi @jhaprakash

You can follow the process as mentioned in the email to extend the deadline. My suggestion is to not delay it.

I am not sure if adding the wife would delay the process further or not.

Thank you Anil for your prompt response. I have emailed CIO office and made them aware of my situation.