Passport processing timeline at the VFS and Indian consulate in NYC

If you have given Indian address as printable address, then your ‘other’ address should be US address. You need to provide notarized address proof for this US address. The same address will be used to send back your old and new passport. And YES, you need to re-do Govt Passport application. It cannot be edited once submitted.



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Can you clarify Step 4 in this writeup? Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents) - USA

Passport Application steps->Applicant address details->Various combinations?

Processes/requirements keep getting updated. This might be a new requirement, post last updation of post/article. Checklist clearly mentions:


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Would be nice if VFS attached the checklist on their application walk through page in addition to their sample application pdf to alert applicants.

Can you please update what information was asked by the police?. and which city?

I agree. Will save some hassles for the applicants.

One more point. I caught it when I was re-checking. So thought of sharing.

Is ghost image printed on Passport?

Apparently not in all consulate/embassy, unless something has changed off late


Thanks. This makes sense

I have used US address as Printed address and in-laws India address as other address.
What documents will police need for verification?
Please advise

Do let us know (when it happens) what documents they asked for. I am in a similar situation.

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They only asked for copy of Aadhar card

Is tracking working fine on VFS nyc side for you all? It showed application under process yesterday but today its giving Invalid Input.


My passport renewal at NYC is at the penultimate stage. Seems passport was printed and handed over to vfs for dispatch to me. I also received vfs email that “passport is dispatched using FedEx return label purchased (note as per new process vfs printed the label themselves) please keep an eye out for tracking notification from
My question is –
How does one get to know about the actual Fedex tracking number ?
The vfs email came two days ago, since then no tracking update from the above mentioned email address of FedEx.
How many days gap between vfs email and tracking email is normal?

You will receive email from with tracking details. There is no specific time that can be quoted for time interval between email and actual dispatch, though people have reported 2-14 days in various posts. The primary reason is closure or reduced working staff at VFS center due to Covid, which impacts pick-up of passport by FedEx.

I submitted my passport 2 weeks back and didn’t receive any processing update

Does any one submitted passport application recently around end of March?

I submitted my passport renewal application(non-tatkal) to NY center.

  1. Shipped it on Mar 31st
  2. Received delivery confirmation on April 1st
  3. April 4th - Received this text -

your package has been received at the VFS application Centre. Our current processing times are longer than usual. Your application will be reviewed with 48-72 business hours. You are requested to track the status of your application after 2-3 business days. Average processing time is 4-6 weeks except for Tatkal cases.

After that no other communication. When I track it shows as ‘Invalid Inputs’. Anyone else in the same timeline received further communications?

Hi Krish,

I shipped my passport application on 29th March and it got delivered on 30th March.

After that I didn’t get any response, I did’t receive even the confirmation mail.

Did you receive the text message by e-mail or mobile alert?


Hi submitted my passport renewal NY on March 11 2021,received and acknowledge by March 13, since then no update. Called customer service by entering credit card info.on March 25, they said application will not be reviewed nor any status update for at least 1 month , huge delay due to Covid-19.My 1 month will be over by April 13( tomorrow ).I will wait till last week of April and then call them again.

@Diwedy thanks

As it turned out I didn’t receive any email update from that email and FedEx actually tried delivering today and went back.
As I never received any tracking number I had no way to know when FedEx is coming. Luckily got the door tag number now.
Height of incompetence!!