Passport renewal - 5th page is F1 Visa

Hello Folks - I came to US as a masters student on F1 visa in 2014 and I am currently on H1B. My passport is up for renewal. I saw that we need to send first 5 pages and last 2 pages of current passport while renewing.
The 5th page on my current passport is F1 Visa. So I just wanted to confirm if i can send that or should i skip that and send the 6th page. I will be sending copy of my H1B visa and I797A too as part of the packet.
I am just worried that it would create a confusion whether i am on H1B or F1. Has anyone gone through a similar situation? Any insights are appreciated. Thank you.

The first 5 pages mean the pages that show the passport’s identification information.

New style Indian passports issued in last 6-7 have first 5 pages as identification information and not the blank or visa pages.

It seems your Passport is old style where the identity information was printed on the back side of first cover (hard blue colored page itself).

In this case, you can print the pages upto the identification information and skip the visa page.