Passport renewal and AOS biometrics

I am in dilemma if I should go ahead with renewal of my kid passport as it expires in 1.5 months. Renewal used to take 6 weeks time best case. At the same time he may be called for biometrics appointment sometime as his I485 got filed last October. If I apply for his passport renewal and get appointment in the meantime he may not be able to attend biometrics as a valid ID is required and passport is his only ID. I am not sure if I can delay renewal (beyond 1.5 months if needed) to complete the biometrics and apply for renewal. Please advise.

You can apply for passport as there is no guarantee of getting biometric anytime soon.

Isn’t your son’s i94 also expiring with passport expiry?

Thanks for the response. His i94 has already expired and extension approval pending. Filed extension before expiration. Finished h4 biometric couple of months back.

@anil_am22 i am in the similar situation. I applied my son passport for renewal. My PD date (Nov 1, 2013) may be current in March 2022 bulletin under EB2 (not downgraded last year). If I don’t get renewed passport by the time I get biometrics notice what are the options my son will have? He has valid i-94 until March 2023 and he also has School Id from his high school, date of birth certificate and aadhar card.
Can I use any of these as a secondary proofs along with existing Passport(which is valid until May 28, 2022) copy with renewal copy of proof?

I am hearing many of my colleagues that nowadays we are getting biometric appt less in a month almost with receipt notices.

Please suggest,

Apply for the passport in tatkal service and you can get it within a week.

@anil_am22 I did not know that the Tatkal is opened for all the applicants and hence I applied in Normal processing on Jan 12,2022. Can I upgrade from normal to Tatkal now ?