Passport renewal application put on hold

@Anil.Gupta - My application is put on hold for reason - “You have not submitted your Mothers’ Proof of Legal Status.Ship the a self attested copy to the Passport Application Center.”

I have submitted - Notorized Mother’s US Visa copy and Notorized Mother’s EAD card as the proof for US legal stay for mother. All of our Visas expired in Oct 2018, since then we have been in US on an approved I-797 for father’s L1 I-129 application. Mother is on a L2 visa and the I-797 approval notice for Father’s L1A visa makes mother’s stay in US legal. Other than that we do not have any document for mother.

Please let us know what additional documents are required by CKGS to proceed.

You have to send your mother’s L2 i797 copy.

@Anil.Gupta - Are you referring to the L2 i797 approval notice for I-765 application? Should submit the marriage certificate also?

I am referring to your mother’s individual L2 i797. Your mother must have applied for L2 extension for herself too.

L2 i765 is an EAD application and its not a proof of legal stay in US.

@Anil.Gupta - I understand. Unfortunately I do have a L2 extension I-797 for mother of applicant. We didn’t apply for that as my attorney advised that it is optional as I-94 is valid till end of 2020. Now in absence if L2 I-797 and US Visa, what other document can i send? Will Notarized I-94 and marriage certificate help?

You have to check with CKGS if they will accept any other proof.

I am not aware of it. They usually ask for i797.

I sent my i797a (father’s) and marriage certificate both notarized. CKGS and consulate accepted that, and sent me the new passport for my son. I explained my situation in a cover letter.

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