Passport Renewal at Chicago VFS center

Hello Everyone.

Kindly help me on this.

I have recently submitted my application and received like below. Kindly help me how to proceed further.

Dear Applicant,

We acknowledge the receipt of courier with AWB # xxxxxxxxxx.

Reference number: xxxxxxxxx

We are awaiting the following documents

  1. The application is returned as parent’s names are not as per applicant’s passport on the Govt. application form.

Payment received: 1xxx

Thank you,

VFS Global


It seems you will have to reapply. Make sure that the info on online application form and the passport match correctly.

On a side note, what was the address of the VFS location in Chicago that you sent your documents to ?

I’m also sending my documents to vfs chicago and wanted to confirm that I have the correct address ?

@Prem_Manu - Did you send supporting document for your parent’s name change ? for example your parent’s passport copy ?

I got a similar note over the weekend indicating middle name is missing. But, I do have the middle name mentioned appropriately.

Will they return all the docs for us to redo and send it or how does it work?

Any insight will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Did u send the return label along with the documents? they didn’t mention it in the checklist so I didn’t put it. if u have any information regarding this plz share.

Yes, I sent that. I used VFS provided Fedex (paid $30 for it) and that had return label which I put it along with all the documents. Thanks!

Hi - Did you hear anything more? Did they return your application or what happened? Thanks!