Passport Renewal for Minor - Houston processing time!

Hi, I applied Passport for minor in Jan, 2022 and currently the application is under review with Houston Consulate / Embassy. Any idea what are the processing times for Houston Consulate / Embassy? As per the inquiry they were saying 3 weeks , but with the current pandemic situation will they be able to complete in 3 weeks ? I may need my Son passport for 485 filing / biometric ,since my date may be current in March bulletin. I am bit nervous on this whole renewal process…any thoughts on when Can I expect renewed passport. If I don’t get renewed passport , what are the alternate options for filing 485 and biometrics any inputs greatly helpful…

In the Same boat, They have received my passport on January 4th, status is saying still in process. No updates after that, it’s been 3 weeks.

hi, Did you received the passport ? I am still waiting, embassy was saying the normal processing time is 3 weeks, mine will complete 3 weeks by end of this week.
Also do you know when they will initiate the police verification ? i have not received any email related to police verification. Not sure what is happening ? it is all blackhole.