Passport renewal for Minor - Police Station name not printed on govt application

Hi , I recently applied passport renewal for minor. I observed that Police Station name is not printed on the govt form. But when we filled the application Police Station name is mandatory and I have provided the Jurisdiction police station name for the Indian address. So now I am worried that if the printed application doesn’t show police station name how embacy will initiate the police verification. Do i need to take any action in this regard? I sent out an email to Houston Embassy in this regard but no response yet. Any of you faced this situation please share you thoughts

Did you reach out to VFS? You can check with VFSGlobal on Twitter. They are generally quick in their response there. Alternatively, they will reach out to you for missing information or ask you to fill a new application with all info in there.

They already validated my application and sent to Consulate / Embacy for further processing. They never reported me on this missing information. Anyway I will reach out to VFS on twitter and see if they can reply to my query.
I feel that they designed the application not to show police station info for some reason or there is bug in the software I am not very sure though. I tried to fill a new application even there also police station name is not coming in print page. Looks like they added this field recently to the form not sure if they wanted to see on the printed page…

If they didn’t ask for any information then no need to reach out to them. Also, in the past, there never was a field in application which got printed on paper with selected Police Station name. I thought some changes have occurred in the application recently. I think you are good.

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