Passport renewal - indian in USA - resident of which country

I am on an F-1 visa and have been in the US for almost 3 years. I am applying for my passport renewal in the US and providing an Indian address to be printed on the passport (while my ‘other address’ is a US address).

  1. In the affidavit for change of appearance, what do I mention under ‘Resident of’? Do I say ‘India’, ‘USA’, give my current US address, or give my Indian address?

  2. Do I need to submit a copy of my birth certificate?

Thank you

Hi @dr2837

You can use am22tech’s change of appearance affidavit app and it will guide you with everything and create an affidavit PDF automatically.

You should mention ‘resident of the US’.

Yes, a copy of the birth certificate is required.

Thank you very much Anil.

Hi Anil,

Your blog has been very helpful. One document you could add to the checklist is the VFS payment confirmation receipt. This is only true for people opting for VFS’s services, but I’m sure a lot of choose us that. Thanks.

Sure. Will add it to the list of documents.