Passport renewal on visitor visa fromUSA

Hi i am trying submit application (thru VFS global) for my mothers indian passport renewal from USA while she is on visitor visa, what address do we need to mention on amnexture E and affifavit of chnage form? Is it indian address or USA address to be filled?

Should be US Address on both forms

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Thank you!! And do you know is there a format or anything specific for me to send a notarized undertaking for my mothers passport renewal?

I guess this is what you are looking for:

In the undertaking you can mention the relationship and certify that your mother is staying at the same address. You will have to mention that it’s a true copy and you have the original address proof with you. If needed, your last page of passport will have your mother’s name. Attach that (self attest it). You can carry spare whites pages, in case notary has suggestion on what should be included.

This is in addition to the other notarized documents mention in VFS Doc checklist.

Yes thank you!! And on the application form i just mentioned both address same ( indian address) is that fine? I already paid the fees and also called vfs global and they said one USA address and one india address is ok and also both address can be same ( india address)

If they have already confirmed then you should be good

Is there anything i need to take care except the check list provided by vfs?

We have to send the original passport as well right?

Yes. Old passport (original) which you are renewing needs to be sent.

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