Passport renewal: please provide appropriate name through NVF

I’m trying to fill my passport renewal form but I stuck in to the section #3 “Forms” that is also called changed of appearance /signature and Annexure E.

When I click the submit box, they says please provide appropriate name through NVF.

I put it everything correct, they have one box that is not existable, I tried a lot to put the name there.

Please let me know if you have any information about that. Thanks!

Looks like a technical error in your application.

I have not heard of this issue before.

I suggest to contact CKGS for help.

I am having similar did you fix it?

Did it work for you ? I am still seeing the same problem. Please let me know how you resolved it.

How was this resolved ? I am also getting same issue. Please let me know. Need urgent help in this. Thanks in advance.

Hi there
I emailed them and they told me to start everything again. Only one page when you put ur passport number then they ask you, you want to quit ur previous form ? then you hit yes botton. Then after that you have no problem.

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