Passport renewal @ Washington DC

Here is my timeline for those it may be of interest:

11/20/2020 Application mailed
11/23/2020 Application reached VFS (per tracking on Fedex)
12/3/2020 VFS acknowledgement received with request to send proof for Father’s name clarification)
12/5/2020 Sent missing documents to VFS
12/18/2020 Acknowledgement of application “under process” at VFS
12/18/2020 Application processed at ICAC and “In Transit” to embassy
12/22/2020 Tracking on Govt. of India website- under review
1/4/2021 Passport printed
1/6/2021 Passport handed over to the OSP Executive for further dispatch
1/8/2021 Passport has been dispatched via courier (per tracking status)
1/11/2021 VFS email that passport has been dispatched
1/12/2021 Passport received

The father name did not match the name in the old passport?

Yes, did not match but issue was more because there was a space in his name in old passport and no space when i entered in application. So, had to provide signed declaration about the discrepancy and provide his passport copy.

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