Passport renewal while PR application in progress

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

My passport is expiring in Aug 2020. However, my PR application applied in last March is still in progress and I responded to CO contact last month. I guess that I might get approval in next few months. Is it ok if I renew my passport after receiving the grant…? Kindly advise

Yes, you can renew your passport anytime.

You will have to update the new passport details on immiaccount as and when you get it.

Thanks for your swift response @Anil.Gupta. So, there is no pre-requisite that the passport should be valid for certain months/year to receive PR. If I renew my passport immediately right after the grant and update the department, then my PR would be linked to the new passport. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

Yes, you can update the PR as and when you get the new passport.

It depends on the case officer if they want to see your new passport before grant. I am not aware of any 6 month requirement at this time.

But, my suggestion is to not wait for grant. Get new passport if current one is expiring soon and update it in your immiaccount immediately.

Case officer queries usually delay grant by 45-60 days.