Passport stolen in India with US visa, H4 EAD pemding

Hi Anil,

While traveling to India passport got stolen, I’ve a return ticket for 20th October, I had H4 stamped visa on my passport. Applied for passport replacement already.
Please help me with following questions:

  • My H4 EAD is in progress, been waiting 4 months for that. Would that be affected by this?
  • Can my replacement visa be applied before I receive my replacement passport?
  • Can i apply for Expedited visa replacement?
  • Any other suggestions would be really appreciated!

Thank you,

Hi @Anushi_Shrivastava

You need a valid new passport to apply for new visa stamp.
You can check with nearest US embassy if they can consider your case in expedited category.

Did you inform the US embassy who issued your visa by email that your passport has been lost? You have to do it.

Your H4 EAD may receive an RFE to submit new passport details.

More details about what to do and what to expect when passport with US Visa is lost.

Thank You for your reply. I did inform the US Embassy that I issued my visa, I got it stamped in Montreal Canada.

However, I am trying to send an email to embassy in Mumbai And my emails are bouncing back. I have informed US Travels docs as well.

Is there a different way to apply for a replacement razor? Or I have to do the process again, and apply for expedited appointment time?

Hi @Anushi_Shrivastava

As far as I know, you have to apply for a new visa.