Passport Timeline at SF consulate 2021

  1. docs sent to VFS.
    2.after 2 days they sent email your application is in transit to embassy
    3.after 1 day, status got changed in govt site “Print has been initiated for passport.”(2 days over with this status)
    police verification at Indian address-deb 18th

my passport is expired, applied in normal.


After how many days did you receive notification from VFS that application was received? My application reached on Jan 5, but I haven’t received any notification yet. Unable to track application yet.

I received after one week and you won’t be able to track on VFS until they ‘receive’ into their system.

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I applied at SF consulate; It reached VFS on 14 Dec. VFS sent to Embassy on 22 Dec. It is under review at embassy since 24 Dec.
How long does this stage take?

Mine is under review at SF since 14 Dec.

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It will be under review for 3 weeks at embassy. Mine was under review since Dec 22. On Jan 7 status changes to “Print has been initiated”. Today I received email about initiation of police verification.

same here under review in SF consulate since 14dec and there has been no update. Checked with vfs they say it takes 3 weeks but is has been more than that almost a month now.

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Still haven’t received an update from VFS. Mailed last week on Monday.

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@Bhakti_Sakhrani any update?

No nothing- just sent enquirer email to SFO consulate . Will update you when I hear from them

did you hear anything from SFO consulate ?

Sent email last night, when I get reply I will update you

Thanks . apparently VFS sf center is close due to covid so they wont be providing updates atleast for some time.

SF Consulate is insanely slow and they do not care to follow up with the folks back in India to ensure process moves along swiftly. There have been delays in police verification, delays in next steps by the consulate after police verification. My documents were submitted in 2nd week of November, I have still not received the passport. Sending queries to them is useless, they “reply” after 2 days with irrelevant answers. And now with the temporary closure of the consulate due to Covid precautions, I expect to keep waiting.

Yes indeed very slow, plus no way to reach them, with vfs closed now. Did your status change on govt website?

What’s the VFS Sf call center number? I’m worried that I’ve received no confirmation that my application was received.

Is VFS SFO closed and CGISF too? When did they close?

Whom and what did you email ?
Mine is under review since 3 weeks now. No update at all. No police verification initiation

VFS San Francisco office is closed since Monday due to a covid case on site. Fedex has been trying to deliver for two days now and i finally learnt today from Fedex that the office will reopen on Monday. It’s a shame that FedEx had better information than VFS because just yesterday i had received an email from them that they’ll open today.

vfs call center number on the website thats a paid service. I use to add details in contact form to vfs and they used to reply in a day. Since vfs is closed no reply from them now.