Passport Timeline at SF consulate

@Nihar_Kulkarni , @Vivek_Angoth
Hi friends, any update ? or still stuck ?

Still no update for me

In Portal website mine got updated to Print Initiated today morning, but VFS still says under review. I didn’t get any email for Police Verification yet

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Thanks for the update…hopefully mine updates soon as well

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@Vivek_Angoth to make sure the portal website for tracking is Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates correct


@Vivek_Angoth thanks for the update & congrats !!
@Nihar_Kulkarni thanks for the update, hopefully in a day or two for you also.

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This is the link I used

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@Nihar_Kulkarni Any update ?

No update still, it’s still in review status. I have asked vfs for update and they mentioned to check back in 24-48 hours, not sure whether it’s a standard response.

Is it SFO Consulate?

Yes, its in SFO consulate. My case is pending since 2/11 with no further updates

@Kedar_Moghe I finally see that status has changed to Print initiated today, didnt get an email for police verficiation

My passport status today shows “passport Printed and will be Delivered shortly” but I also got an email that police verification is initiated, very confusing. Does this mean the police verification would still be needed and I will get my passport in the meantime or I need to wait??

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@Nihar_Kulkarni congrats Nihar !!

@Nihar_Kulkarni Hi Nihar,
could you please email me your whatsapp no, if possible, my status is changed to “under review” after 4 weeks, until then it was “fees have been received… etc.” so just worried.
My email is :

I applied for passport reissue in normal processing at sfo consulate.

My passport reached embassy on 30th March and status changed to “under review” on March 31st.
I need to travel on April 22nd and based on response here on forum I am not very positive if I will get my passport on time.

I reached out to vfs to ask if they could change my application from normal to tatkal with additional cost and they asked me to talk to embassy as the application was already submitted to embassy and at this point they cannot help with it.

I did email to embassy (, but did not receive any response. Unsure what is the next step i should take.

did you receive a police verificaiton email?

Yes, I did receive the police verification email. Suprisingly the rmsil was sent after the polcie already contacted the relatives in India.

Thanks. I applied in tatkal. It moved very fast till now but now stuck in “passport has been printed” for a day or so. Not sure. I didn’t receive any police verification email either.