Paste my or father's photo on Power of Attorney for India?

Hi ,
Thanks for a clear break down of documents and requirement.

I will be taking a home loan in India with me being the applicant and my father being the co-applicant. I was asked to send attested POA to India.
I live in London with High commission of India, London being my local attestation place

  • POA currently has only my photo, High commission in London wouldn’t let me paste my father photo to whom I m giving power to.
    Logically it does not make sense sticking my photo on POA because I’m the executant not POA holder which my father is

  • Does my father have to then take the attested copy to sub divisional magistrate office to make it a registered POA ?

Thanks in advance

Your understanding is wrong. You have to paste your photo on POA.

Your father has to register this attested by High commission of London POA in Indian registrar office as clearly mentioned above.

Thanks for a quick reply Anil. you are a star

SBI POA form given to me had this ‘Please paste passport size photograph of ‘Attorney’, which has to be attested by the Executants.’
That is where the confusion arised .

Thanks for clarifying anyway

Your father can paste his picture once you have sent the POA to India.