Payment Evidence: Bank statement with no Company Name

Hi Anil,

For payment evidence, what can be done if the bank statement does not have the employer name and only has a remark as Salary. I am not able to retrieve the ITR filed as well as my salary bracket was below the tax slab. Also I have only the last years payslip, I dont have the first payslip. In this case what can be done to show at least 2 evidence of payment.


Hi @christybaby

I don’t know what to do in this case as it seems that all efforts were made by you to hide your salary in every way possible.

There must be something that can prove that you were getting salary legally.

Salary slips are most common and if you don’t even have form 16, then nobody can help.

Thank you Anil.

@Anil.Gupta : Does our EPF statement act as a payment evidence?


It can act as a proof but may need an extra proof too which could show your real salary.