Payment proof - Bank statement doesn’t have employer name

The salary credited from 2010 to 2014 in the bank does not have the employer name. It just says Salary.

Will this be considered by ACS? Apart from this we only have form 16 and form 26As as proof.

Payslips for 3 months each in 2010 and 2014.

Will they consider experiencing for these 2 years or should we have docs for the remaining 3 years as well?

ACS is not considering proofs which doesn’t have Employer name.

They will not count the work experience if you cannot submit documents as required.

Got it Anil. we have asked the company to help with the salary slips

Can you please confirm how did you proceed with proof of payment evidence in ur skill assessment without company name in the bank statement. I think if the amount credited in you bank statement matches with salary slip of all the months then it should be considered as proof of payment evidence.

Has anybody got positive assessment along with “by salary” written in bank statement?