Payment Proof - Don't have bank statement

Hi Anil,

I got the assessment result today, but for my current job role I don’t have the bank statement and the evaluation for this role got NOT SUITABLE due to insufficient payment proof.
If I will ask my employer to transfer the salary into my bank account, and provide the statement from current month. In this case I will apply for the review.

My question is will they consider experience from last year or only from this month onwards ?

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ACS will only count the payment proof for the period it is for.

If you submit new bank statement, then they will consider it only for new period of Employment and not for past.

So in this case I am losing 2 year of experience. Is there any other way ?

I don’t know of any other way unless you can use any other type of financial payment proof.

Hi Anil
I got below reply this morning

The assessor has noted that the second form of payment evidence (third party) is missing.

The onus of proof to show sufficient evidence of paid employment lies solely with the applicant. Our guidelines are there to provide applicants with a framework on how to best present this documentary evidence. We understand that countries operate differently in relation to their methods of paid employment, tax, superannuation etc. This being the case, we suggest providing documentary evidence of paid employment together with a submission letter explaining the situation to the assessor. The assessor can then make a decision by looking at the overall picture and merits of the application.

My questions shall I have to go through REVIEW OR APPEAL

I would highly appreciate your support

Hello Anil

I got my ACS report finally AQF bachelor degree with major in computing. Recently I got my PG diploma Certificate. I am planning to add this certificate also, will it help to claim for extra points as AQF level 8