PCC adverse status Canada PR

Hi All,

Not sure if anybody else has face this issue. I have applied for PCC from Toronto on 31st July 2020, I have received an email from Indian consulate today stating that the police in India has submitted adverse report. Here is the complete situation:

My passport has old address where I used to stay.

My current address in India is different.

Police mentioned that the address should match, but I have provided all the necessary documents like Aadhar card etc of my current address in India.

Still they have marked it as adverse.

Do I have to reissue passport with new Indian address? Has anybody faced similar issue?

Sanket Vilas More

It depends on what issue they have reported. Do you know what reason they gave for adverse PCC?

Did they ask you to change your passport?


Can you please update about your pcc application? What did consulate told you to do about adverse report?