Pcc from passport office or commissioner office

Hi Anil
When you say that the pcc is issued same day from passport office if one is residing at same address as in passport,does that mean there is no physical verification of the same .And you just produce address proofs like adhar card to them and they issue you the pcc.?

My second passport was issued in 2011 and I just recently changed my address and no one is residing at the address mentioned in passport.

I have got pcc from police commissioner office for the same address two months back before leaving that address.

but my consultant says that I need passport office pcc .how should I go for it.

Should I apply for reissue of passport or will they verify me at new address and old address in passport or if I provide them with commissioner office pcc will they consider it to issue me a pcc

Thanks in advance

Hi @Rimplez84

You can show the commissioner PCC to your regional passport and check if they can consider it. I am not sure if they will accept it or not.