PD is current but I140 is approved with old position title, Can I use existing I140 to apply EAD and GC

Hi Anil,

I got my I140 approved when I was Software engineer 3, I was promoted multiple times and currently, I am Manager, Software engineering. I am doing the same duties as the old title but with additional responsibility as a people manager as well.

My company would like to apply for a new PERM, and started the process, PWD is not filed yet. safe to say it will take another year before I get I140 approved with the new title.

With all the movement in the final action dates in the visa bulletin, My PD is current in both EB2 and EB3 categories. Can I apply for EAD and GC with the existing I140 or wait for PERM with a new title to be approved?

Any insight is appreciated.