Pending H4, H4-EAD and traveled to get H4 VISA stamped scenario?

I initially filed for H4 extension (I-539) and H4-EAD(I-765). Thereafter I had to travel to my home country and there I got my H4 VISA stamped through consular appointment. Now I am back in USA and since my H4 is already stamped with new I-94, tried to put an expedite request for H4-EAD.
It was rejected saying pending I-539

Ive been calling USCIS since a week to have them update my case with new H4 status so that they can ignore pending I-539 and progress to processing H4-EAD I-765. I havent been able to get a clear approach from customer care on how to resolve this issue. Some suggest withdrawing all petitions and filing new, where as others suggest to send USCIS with new H4 VISA stamp and I-94.

Can you suggest best way to resolve this technical dependency on USCIS end so that they can proceed to processing my H4-EAD ?? It seems I cant file any expedite or premium processing request until this is sorted out.

The best and straight option is to withdraw currently pending H4 and H4 EAD and file new H4 EAD.