Pending H4EAD from company A while H4 from company B is approved and H4 from company A denied

My husband transferred his H1 to company B while pending my H4 and H4EAD from company A.

My H4 EAD filed by company A is pending with approved expedite request since September 10th, 2020.
H4 from company B is approved in January 2021. And H4 from company A is denied in February as Company A revoked H1 petition.
Biometrics were done in October 2020.
I have tried ombudsman, congressman route to follow up with USCIS.
What can I do help my case? Should Company B file for H4 EAD extension?

I strongly suggest filing an H4 EAD extension again as the chances are high that your current pending H4 EAD might also be denied.

Thank you very much for your response Anil.
Will biometrics be required again for H4 EAD extension with company B as I have already given biometrics? How long it might take for new H4 EAD extension with already approved H4 with company B?

Standalone H4 EAD does not need biometric.

H4 EAD from company A is Denied today and I am in the process to reach out to attorney from company B to file new H4 EAD.
I-140 from company A is approved and does not seem like revoked as I checked current status on uscis website but Company B has not filed I-140 yet. Will it make difference to new H4 EAD?

Denial notice mentioned the reason as H1B denied from company A, H4 denied from company A for H4EAD denial. It also mentioned an option for motion to reopen and submit documents suggesting valid H1, valid h4 and Appetizer i-140 within 30 days.
My husband has valid h1 from company B, approved h4 from company B and approved i-140 from company A.
Do you suggest it will be good to apply for MTR?
Or can I apply for MTR and new EAD from company B simultaneously?