Perm application pending in 6th year H1B


My sponsor applied for PERM on July 15th and I am still waiting for it to be completed. I am in the sixth year of H1B and it expires on Jan 20, 2020. My lawyers have already captured all the vacation time.

My sponsor is willing to process I-140 in premium. If the PERM is delayed till early december, would you suggest me to leave US to my country and wait for PERM to be completed? Should I be having a certain amount of days left on my H1 validity for me to wait at home for PERM to be processed?

Hi @ke4no

Attorneys usually suggest to leave a gap of 60 days in your h1B 6 year max out to avoid issues in 7th year extension.

But, many people leave only a week or may be just 2-3 days gap in their 6 year time out and then leave US.

It is your choice as to what you want to do. Talk to your attorney as to which time frame they are comfortable with.

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Thank you for your response @Anil.Gupta

After seeing all the responses in multiple forums about the PERMs filed in July being processed, followed up with my lawyers and they said they did not get an approval yet. I had my HR email the lawyers asking for an update. The lawyers checked the system with the PERM case number and informed us the PERM has been approved but DOL apparently did not notify the lawyers/employer.

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