PERM audit please help with below questions

My PERM was filed in July 2022, and my company received an audit letter in March 2023. My H1B will reach its maximum duration in April 2024.

The audit letter seems to have a common question format of the recruitment process, resumes received, why rejected stating reasons, job qualifications, etc…

Please help. I have below questions-

  1. My employer mentioned they did not receive any resumes when they published the job posting. They followed all required processes of recruitment as per rules along with supporting documents/ ads details etc. Is this ok to reply to the PERM audit?

  2. What options do I have if the audit process gets delayed? I do not have time out of the country to recapture. Can I file for an H1b extension based on the PERM audit in the process?

  3. Is it advisable to take another opinion of an attorney?

  4. What is the approval rate of PERM audits?