PERM Audit - There are no cases that match your search

Hi Anil,

Currently, my PERM application is under audit. My employer and attorney working on that.
My Case starts with A-19200-xxxxx.
I tried checking status on this site, but I did not get any results. Then again I checked in “iCERT Portal System” and it says “There are no cases that match your search.
Also in iCert website, it is mentioned that the case number starts with either G, I or H.
But mine starts with “A”. I am not sure why it is like that.

Can you please provide your thoughts on this?

Thank You.

Hi @lohitasa

You cannot check PERM case status on DOL site until it reaches a result. Only your employer has access to checking PERM case status.

PERM case number starts with ‘A’.