PERM Denial discussion

hello Anil,

I checked the status from your website that my perm got denied ,but my employer have no clue since they haven’t received any notice from DOL .

I got to know my PERM got denied after verifying from your site i could not find anything even on official DOL website when i searched my case.

I hope information i got from your website is true ,sorry just concerned that’s why wanted to make sure

Hi @Amit_Palav

Can you share your PERM case number and we can double check if there is an issue with data or not.

my perm number is


Checking. Stay tuned.

Hi @Amit_Palav

Please confirm is these are your PERM details:

Is this your employer address:

685 ROUTE 202 206 STE 101
BRIDGEWATER, 08807-1774

Is this your job title:
Software Developers, Applications

Salary given in PERM:
74235.00 per year

Study from:

Don’t worry about these details. Once you confirm, we will delete this message from here.

yes that correct.

do you know the reason and do you still see its denied?

Wait…its showing as ‘Denied’ on 14 Mar 2019.

Give me 15 minutes. I will confirm it with DOL site and give you the proof too.

ok…i wanna know the reason why i see some the information like salary and studied from is incorrect.

Do you have a copy of what your employer filled in your PERM application form?

This is the information that DOL has for your case which is offocurse have been filled your company HR.

no i will ask from my employer ,what i am wondering is why my employer have no clue about my case ?they have not received anything from DOL yet.

do you got any information from DOL website or can you send me the link i wanna see the perm application

See this data from DOL site:

DOL shares PERM data quarterly in excel sheet on their website here:

Download the 2019 sheet and search for your case, you will see this highlighted row there.

If this is your case number, then it does say ‘DENIED’.

does it say the denial reason?

It does not show the denial reason. Your employer would receive it though.

Talk to them.

its denied on 14th March and my employer have not received anything yet,do you think i already lost time to re-appeal?

Hi @Amit_Palav

You get 30 days to appeal the PERM denial after your employer has received the PERM denial in writing.

Now, we do not know if your employer did not receive any letter at all or have missed the denial letter from DOL in this case.

Hi Anil . Can you please provide the path for 2019. I see the till 2018

I found it . Thanks a lot

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Good Evening @Anil.Gupta,

I didn’t find my case in the list. here is the little details.

we have applied for the perm processing on Dec 2018 and there was an audit query came in Mar 2019 and my employer responded. and now I see currently Audit Review December 2018 cases are in progress. does this mean my case is still under progress ?

here is my case

thanks a lot for your help.


Your case is currently pending as shown here: