Perm denied after audit


My perm application was filed on September 24, 2021 and was audited on March 7th. I just got an answer that it was denied. The reason was: “The Notice of Filing, submitted in response to an Audit Notification letter dated March 7, 2022, contains a wage lower than the offered wage indicated on the ETA Form 9089. The Notice of Filing lists an offered wage of $37,128.00, while Section G-1 of the ETA Form 9089 lists an offered wage of $72,000.00”. My attorney explain that it was his mistake that he didn’t notice that the ad contained the pre-wailing wage instead of the offered wage.
Now my attorney advising to start a new case all over again and doesn’t think we should even try to appeal. On other hand, my employer thinks we should try to appeal and maybe even switch an attorney.
Any advise?

Looks like the mistake was made during the recruitment process and so it looks logical to restart the PERM process and file again.
You can consult other lawyer online and get a second opinion.