PERM filed December - in analyst review for 1 1/2 months


My PERM was filed on December 5th and hasn’t been approved yet. On May 5th my lawyer reached out and they said it was under Analyst Review. One month later, after reaching out again they keep saying the same status.

Is it normal to be under Analyst Review for that long? How much longer should I expect it to take to get the response?

I’m wondering what do they exactly review when they process PERM, if they get in touch with past employers or your University, or what else could be delaying their response. I would be willing to contact whoever myself and speed things up if that’s what might be holding things on. My lawyer says we can only wait and we should get a response any day now but they’re already processing January and I’m worried that “any day now” could become a whole month more of waiting…


Analyst review simply means that it is under processing.

You cannot contact anyone to fast track your PERM application.

You can only wait.

Thanks for the response @Anil.Gupta , that’s what I expected but I wanted to make sure there’s nothing that I can do to speed it up.

From your experience, is it normal that my case is still being processed having been filed the month before the current processing month? How much longer does it usually take once they’ve started a new month to catch up on previous month’a cases?


Its not normal. I suspect that your employer may have received an audit request.

Did you check with them?

Hello @Anil.Gupta

I’m constantly in touch with my employer and they haven’t received any update or request, plus just a couple weeks ago the lawyer checked and the status was Analyst Review…

I hope I’ll have good news this upcoming week, I’ll have my lawyer check again.