Perm filed in 6th year, can i140 and extension be filed together?

Hello @Anil.Gupta -my perm is filed in last week of March 2020, my H1b max out is in July first week (if my employer files H1b extension for vacation period, I may get another 5 weeks, that will change to August 2nd week)
Trying to check all the options I have with current covid19 condition.
Keeping in mind ,i140 premium processing is closed currently.
below are my questions

  1. if my Perm is approved by July 1st, is it allowed to file i140-and extension together or in consecutive two days(first i140, then extn with i140 reference to it)?

  2. is it possible to change to L1 orB1 visa without perm approval?

  3. if my employer filed H1b extn for the vacation period on July first , then let us say, perm approved in July last week, in this case can employer file i140 and then another extn?

  4. any other guideline by us immigration currently given during covid19 , that provides further extension in my cases

Thank you!

Please read this:

You need approved i140 to file 7th year Extension. Both i140 and H1B can’t be filed together.

You can file change of status to B2 but not L1.