PERM filed in 6th year. Recapture time ends soon. Need information


So I have found plenty of information on H1B extension when PERM is filed 365 days before 6th year. But nothing reliable on 6th year application.
My perm was filed in October 21 and my max out is March 31st (after recapture- extension for recapture is still in processing). Here are my questions:

  1. Best case scenario- perm gets approved in early March and i140 is filed in premium. Will my current H1B extension which has been applied keeping my recapture in mind and is still in process, work? Or will a new H1b extension need to be filed before 31st March?

  2. What if perm gets approved pretty much late in March and although i140 has been applied in premium, I will need to leave keeping 10 days in hand before max out. Will a new H1b visa need to be applied for me? Will it fall under lottery system or will it be cap exempt? Will I need a year cool down?

  3. If I leave before perm has been approved, will my new H1b visa application be cap exempt? Or do I need a year cool down?

I know these are a lot of questions. But any insight will be really helpful

Thanks a bunch!

Your employer will need to file another H1B EOS application based on AC21.