Perm is filed in May-2021 and 6 years max out Aug-2022

I have 1 year 2 months for 6yrs max out and my Perm is filed now. I have following questions:

  1. What are the odds that I could face here?
  2. Would I need to leave to India if Perm is not getting approved before Aug-02-2022 (Max out date)? If so, when is the best date to leave to India?

Please refer the below link
H1B Extension after 6 Years Max Out (i140 Transfer & Recapture Days) - USA.


If you have an option then travel to India for 6 months or so and come back. Your PERM processing does not stop even it you are outside US. This way you can get the recapture time a d extend your Max out for however long you are outside the country. Also by this time your PERM would definitely be done and you can get your I140 applied as well.