PERM pending for more than 5 months? What are my options?

Hi @Anil.Gupta, My employer was filed PERM 19 Jul 2019 for now I am still waiting, so It almost 8 months and what should I do?

Hi @Jukkapan

Please read the discussion above.

Hi Anil, My Employer filed my perm on jun 3rd, 2019 and got audit and i am still waiting for decision on it. it is more than 8 months now. My visa going to max out on jun 6th 2020.
Any advise here ? can i apply for extension after my 6th year completion on H1B if my perm is pending for approval ?

Hi @ni76

You can apply for H1B extension only if your PERM has been pending for more than 365 days.

Hi Anil,

My H1B six years is about to expire in a month and I received PERM audit today. What are my chances of coming back and when?

Hi @papaihere

Nobody can give you a timeline as audit processing depends on your Employer’s speed.

Hi I got Audit for my perm.It is for very generic reasons. My employer is sending the response ASAP. But how much time it will take to get the response for Audit cases. will it take 302 days to get a response?
I read people got response with in a month also. what is the avg time for generic reasons.

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Check the PERM audit processing time here.

Hi @anil_am22…my perm was filed in 3rd Nov 2020 and checked with attorney but they have informed me that still my case is in analyst review but could see that DOL is processing December 2020 cases and by today its 232 days which is 7 months 20 days. not sure what to do and what is probability of my perm approval and are there any delays at DOL.