PERM processing Covit-19 Delay?

My PERM application was filed on the 11th of Jan, 2020 . It is 100 days since is has been submitted to Atlanta processing center. Today, my employer checks the status and it is showing “Analyst review”. I guess, there is a delay due to Covit-19 and It seems that USCIS will be closed too up to mid may 2020. How do you know that the processing time now for the PERM is 5 months and 22 days? And it can be longer?

Currently, PERM applications are getting approval from Nov and Dec 2019.

PERM is approved by DOL and not USCIS.

So we are on time, no problems. Ok

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I’m new member to this forum. My PERM is applied on April 1st 2020 and my 6th year H1-B is expiring on Jan 8th 202 including the recapture dates.I am worried whether my PERM and I-140 will be approved by this year end or not if not approved what are my options as I don’t qualify for the 365 days period Also.

Thanks in advance for your time

Hi @swasriks

What’s your question?

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Thanks for the reply. My question is I should be fine with above time lines or not with COVID-19 situation and what are the options to renew my 7th year H1-B if the PERM and I-140 not approved by year end (by 202012).


Current time taken to max out is given here:

All options to Extension with PERM are given here:

All options to extend with i140 are given here:

I need some advice.
my H1b 6 years time frame runs out in July 26th 2020.
my perm was filed on 14th march

What are the chances that my processed paperwork should come back by july leaving enough time for i140 and further extension?
are there any cases or possibilities to ask for extension on humanitarian grounds from USICS/DOL so that i dont have to move my family in the middle of this pandemic if the process gets delayed?


You can check the PERM processing time estimate using the links given above.

There is no such option of extension based on humanitarian ground for normal cases.

Hi Friends,

My Perm filed dec 10 2019. Still no updates yet not even audit. Maxout may 2021. What are my chances.
I checked in am22tech tracking and it says I should have got approval by now but its pending
If anyone can give their opinions much appreciated.

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Have to wait… some replies are faster than other. All my friends (5) get certified in 4-5 months, starting PERM process between Nov 2019 and February 2020. only 1 audit. Some analysts are faster than others.


Thnx for response. Is yours approved yet @Coco . My attorney said no audit yet. May be covid is delaying the process.

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DOL’s FLAG just had another data dump for last quarter. Some interesting info in there. Certified cases take anywhere between 110-130 days while denied cases take a bit longer, usually 130-150 days.
Mine is bordering 190 days and no update whatsoever. Sigh

Just wait, some analysts are slower than the other. It can take time, a long time… Attorney do not have more info than you. If you send an email to the Dol it will reply: all the case are unique and there is no precise time to analyse a case… wait…Zen … HAUUUMMMMM

Oh no, I know all we can do is wait. That’s a given at this point. But the fact that I went through exactly this before last year when my case took about 60 days longer than the typical processing time and it got denied anyway doesn’t help the nerve. my 6th year max out is coming up soon too.

I just got update from employer saying got audit.


Good! At least you received a reply!

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Yikes. Good luck with the audit!

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Hi, same happens to me. Mine was filled on Dec 12.
It is still PENDING and no news from DOL whatsoever. No audit no news at all. Just pending. DO you know something about if there is any delays on the process due to covid?


Hi All !

If anyone know audit fee cost. My employer is asking 450$ is it common?