PERM Processing Time 2020 - Questions & Answers

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My PERM application was filed on Sep 21st 2019 . Its almost 4 months ( 120 days ) since its submitted to Atlanta processing center . I checked the status with my employer . its showing “Analyst review” since last 2 weeks .

How long would it take to final decision . My max out is coming very close ( in Feb 2020)

If I have to go back to India , how many days I have to keep behind before my max out date .


Hi @pravin.nerkar

You should be able to get approval pretty soon.

Attorneys suggest to leave 60 days time in max out. People leave a week too and have not seen any issues.

Hi @parvin.nerkar ,

How were you checking status of your perm case ? I have file number with me and I am not able to check it at all. Also did you get the decision ? For me it’s been 2.5 months that my PERM has been filed and do not have any updates.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

I have received an email from my employer saying 'Your PERM application was successfully filed with DOL today, November 8, 2019. Case number: A-XXXXX-XXXXX ', when do you think probably I should have a decision ? I tried tracking it online but could not find any entry for my file number. In which month you think I should have decision ?

Thanks !

Hi @dhananjaybhandari

You are asking the same questions multiple times. Have patience.

Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Was just trying to get probable month that I should have decision on .

My employer has access to iCERT portal where they can login and check the status . They keep me posted on the status
I do not know any other way to check the status . Please let me know if you know other ways to check the status .
I have been waiting since 4 months . Still shows in Analyst review .

Hi @pravin.nerkar,

Did you hear from your attorney on your Perm status yet ?

@pravin Did you got the prem approved? Can you guide which site your employer check the status?

No I did not hear any change of status , Its frustrating . My max out is in mid of Feb 2020

So Sorry to hear. My Perm submitted on 15-Oct-2019 Im not sure how long i have to wait to get the result. If your max out is mid Feb how you are going to user the approved perm. Don’t we need to extend the H1 6 months before the max out?

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Hi Anil

My PWD was filed on 29th Aug 2019. As per my employer , the lawyer has not yet received anything. As per the labour department site , they have finished the processing of Aug 2019 and now processing the September 2019. Could you please advice how long it takes to get the PWD…

Also at what step the category EB2 or EB3 is decided.

Thank You !

Hi @mkvmishra

It is not possible to give any specific case timeline. You should be able to get approval soon.

The i140 filing has the EB2 or EB3 information. Your employer can tell what category they are filing your case in.

Thanks Anil for your answer. I really love this forum.

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Hi Pravin

Any Change in your Perm Approval Status?

No . it’s same status . No change in the status.

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