PERM processing time 2021

I looked at DOL website for the perm information. I went into “About Us” Tab → “Budgeting, Performance and Planning” section. I couldn’t find any information related to perm. Can you please let me know where to see the perm processing information ?


It shows that DOL is still processing June applications. DOL updated the days to 175 for December applications which means subtract the number of days from 175 and you get your processing time per month and date. See Analyst review under perm processing time on this link.

thank you for the reply, got it.

Hello , my question is that if I can travel to US with a tourist visa that I have , while my PERM is almost ready to be certified ? Feb 9 or before then , according to this web page.

Thank you

Hi @Rico

It is better to wait for your PERM approval and not travel to the US on B1/B2 visa.

Thank you Anil. Very helpful your reply.

Hi Anil, I have seen some case numbers that appear here for a brief time saying cases approved for end of July and some for August 2020. Why do those case get removed after 1 or 2 days of being posted here? Are people who posted them removing them? It would be nice to know the reality of where DOL is right now because it definitely seems like they are already done with June cases by saying 175 days processing time for case filed in December

It is possible that users delete the cases themselves as there is an option to delete their case. The app picks up the most recent cases automatically every minute.

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Hi Anil,

Please could you clarify the audit processing time. At the moment it is approx 317 days as per flag.dol website.

Does that mean 317 days from your Priority Date or 317 days from the date you responded to the audit?

Your answer to this would be so helpful

Thanks in advance

What is “Analyst Review” , Is my PERM Still pending ? My PERM was submitted on SEP 2020.

How long does it take for Perm audit to get conclusion?

Check PERM processing time here.

In my case what are the chances of perm approval, i need to leave US before may-15th. Tracker App shows Apr-1st as expected date, not sure how accurate is that. What are the others options i have to stay in US?
Thanks in advance! and thanks again for helping us with valuable answers and advice. :slight_smile:

Perm filed on Dec 2, 2020. Max out date is in Aug 2021. Any chances to get the approval soon?

In about 1 month best case, or max 2 months.

PWD Approved in 150 days

Hello people,

I applied for perm in December 7th 2020 from new employer.I got approval on June 7th 2020. My perm number is A-20296-****. How many days will it take for the attorney to receive physical perm approval copy from department of labour ? Any October and November approvals please share your timeline. Attorney is not starting i140 without perm physical copy. My Priority date may become very current

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@meet2nish did you get your perm certified/approved?

Yes approved on 8th June

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How long it wil take