PERM Processing Time 2022 - Questions & Answers

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Hi, with the current situation at the processing centers, is it a good idea to file both I140 & 485 concurrently or separately?

It’s depends if your priority date is current

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My PD is current and it March 2010

Someone suggested, that concurrent filing will go to Texas center which is really slow. Separate filing will go to Nebraska, which is better.


My PD is current, however my employer changed (that’s why I have been waiting for PERM). Should I push for concurent or i-140 separate to capture the priority date from previous filing?


refer to this blog, it depends on where you are living


Thank you Kris for clearing things up.

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How long does it take for DOL to respond after Audit RFE response?

When I click on Estimate PERM approval time on this website, I get this " You should have received your case approval by now. Check with your employer if they have received any Audit inquiry from DOL". What does this mean ? can Anyone help please. Thanks !

I am getting the same message. Based on the date what we provided and the data what this app has, it is throwing that message. So you should be checking with your attorney on the status.

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Is it like the app/website throws this generic message for all application which are being processed in current month (in my case it is Aug 2021) ?

The app tries to find an estimated date of approval for your case based on the current trend and the cases shared by other users.

If the app says that your case should have been approved by now, it means that your case can be approved anytime now.


Hi Anil,

My PERM application will be filed today. I had a question regarding expected time of approval. When can i expect the approval to come?

Also, under what situations do people get an audit/RFE? Is it random?
What percentage of people actually end up getting audit?


You can just follow the below page for your queries, also if you had filed this month, you can expect your perm approval by Jun 22.

File separately with premium.

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Nebraska is always much faster…

You had mentioned under “Fastest PERM approval” that a case with receipt date Sep 19 2021 was already approved. Now you have removed that from the page Current PERM Processing Time 2022 (Check Case Status) - USA

May I know the reason?