PERM Processing Time 2022 - Questions & Answers

I think the perm processing has become much slower this past month

My Perm was filed in December 2021. Still waiting for approval. Anyone here from December 2021 whose case got approved? Also, how do I check the status?

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Mine was filed on Dec 28 2021. Still waiting for approval.

Mine was filed on Dec 31. Waiting for approval.

Dec 22nd , still waiting for approval

The DOL webpage shows that Jan 2022 have already started as on June 30, 2022. It says 2817 determinations issued. Am I reading it correctly? Have any Jan PERMs been issued so far?

determinations means PWD not perm applications.

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Have you heard back yet? Mine was filed on Dec 20, 2021 and I’m still waiting.

Any one waiting on March submissions?

My employer applied on 15th Dec 21, still waiting for Approval.

All- My PERM was filed on 30th Dec 2021. I haven’t received the approval yet. Is there anyone else in the same boat?

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Expect approval this week or max nextweek.

I have no update yet. PD Dec 20, 2021.

My PERM was filed Jan 31, 2022. Haven’t received any update from my employer yet. Anyone with this filing data that has got their PERM approved? Approximately how long is it going to take?

Filed on Dec 23rd… still waiting…

No update, my ETA was filed Dec. 21 still waiting!.